Every year, each IPMS/USA chapter must re-charter with the national office.  This is a simple registration process that provides local clubs with insurance and official recognition to use the IPMS/USA name in their publications and events.

The process begins October 1 of each year and the current process is shown below.  It begins when the RC (me) passes along the "Fact Sheets" from the Director of Local Chapters (DLC).  Dave Lockhart is the DLC as of mid 2017. These Fact Sheets list the current officers for each club and their national membership status per the color codes below.  To be a chartered chapter, the membership requirements in the list below (items 1 and 2) must be met. All officers are encouraged to be national members, but that is no longer a requirement.

Charter Renewal / Charter Application Requirements


The color highlights on your Fact Sheet refer to the following four circumstances. Note these colors may be changed or going away to accommodate people printing in black only.

Green = counts toward 5 required IPMS/USA members

Yellow = renewal will be needed to count towards charter renewal.

Blue = most recently updated information

Red = issues that must be resolved for charter renewal

Chapters needing assistance with membership numbers and or expiration dates should contact me for help.

Charter Renewal Requires:

Note: All requirements below must be in place at the same point in time on any given day between Oct 1 and Dec 31. 

  1. The Chapter Contact (known as the CC) must hold current IPMS membership during the charter renewal cycle. (Oct 1-Dec 31). 
    1. This person is the primary point of contact between IPMS and the local chapter and it is, therefore, logical and necessary that they be a current IPMS member.
    2. CC’s whose memberships expire at any time during their tenure are expected to renew without delay.
  2. Chapter has at least five (5) current IPMS members during the charter renewal cycle.
    1. The officers and the CC can count as part of the five (5) required memberships.
    2. In the case of a Family membership only one person covered in that membership may be considered as “active” for charter renewal purposes. In other words, a Husband/Wife Team will count as a single person.
    3. Members cannot be “shared” with another chapter (cannot count as the minimum five of more than one chapter).
    4. Send an updated copy of your Factsheet via e-mail (to to the DLC.   Please insure that it lists the five minimum members, their IPMS/USA membership numbers and expiration dates.  
  3. Annual charter fee is received by the IPMS/USA home office prior to end of charter renewal cycle.
    1. If you wish to mail a check ($30 check or money order, include chapter name and number, payable to “IPMS/USA”) please it to Marie Van Schoonhoven at the IPMS/USA main office (PO Box 56023, St. Petersburg, FL 33732-6023).
    2. Preferably, pay online using a debit or credit card at:

        4.  Chapter has not violated any covenant contained in original charter application document, such as, but not limited to:

a. On an annual basis, on a date determined by the chapter leadership, a detailed and comprehensive financial statement must be submitted to the chapter membership. This financial report can be published in the chapter newsletter, or through email and printed copies being distributed at a meeting and made available to all chapter members. An oral presentation of the financial report, without a written report, is not sufficient to meet this guideline. The report should be of such detail that any and all questions from the membership of the Chapter can be answered by supporting documentation such as receipts for expenses and outlay of funds, as well as a complete summary of all income and financial transactions involving chapter money. It is not required that the financial statement be submitted to IPMS/USA national office.

b. Chapters are expected to work in a cooperative fashion with their Regional Coordinator and with the chapters and RCs of neighboring regions to limit scheduling conflicts regarding events. Doing so benefits everyone. Failing to do so can cause hardship for other chapters as well as one’s home chapter.

c. Chapter adheres to the IPMS philosophy of “By Modelers – For Modelers”.

d. All forms of Chapter Social Media will avoid content or images of models, which if the model were entered in the contest at a National Convention, would be in violation of Rules: I. 5A, i, ii, iii, and iv, and 5C i, ii.

e. Chapters will, through their activities, actions, and thru content with the Chapter Social Media, present IPMS/USA as an organization that maintains a Family-Friendly, and child/minor-friendly environment


Failure on the part of a Chapter to meet the requirements can result in loss of the IPMS charter or the cancellation of that charter, either on a temporary or permanent basis. Action based on violations of paragraph 5d and 5e above must be reviewed by the IPMS E-Board prior to implementation.

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