Should your Chapter want to host an event (contest) please follow these procedures to register your event.

Step 1

Contact the Region 10 Coordinator Mike Mackowski via email so he can check the date versus other events in our region and neighboring states.  Please do this before you start advertising your event.  This is to assure both you and other Chapters that an "overlap" will not occur.

Step 2

Go to the IPMS webpage http://www.ipmsusa.org/ and go to the "Upcoming Events" tab. Once there, click on the link at the top of the page to enter the information in the Event Data Form (EDF). Once you do that, the form will come to to the Director of Local Chapters (Larry Randel), and he will verify the date with Mackowski.

Once Randel and Mackowski confirm the date, Randel will post the event on the IPMS/USA national website and forward the info to MJ (IPMS office manager Mary Jane Kinney) so she can issue your event insurance.

That's it.  Pretty simple.

Remember the reasons to register your event:
    - Your event gets posted on the national website
    - Your event gets listed in the IPMS Journal
    - You are assured there are no nearby events that could reduce attendance at your event.
    - You are insured via the national office policy.

Some Notes on Insurance Coverage

To ensure your event will qualify for the IPMS/USA Insurance you should register at least 2 months previous to your Chapters event.  Additionally, these apply:
1. The event MUST be sponsored solely by an IPMS Chartered Chapter, or
2. The event MUST be sponsored by two or more IPMS Chartered Chapters, and
3. No other agency, person, group, club, organization, association, or entity may be listed as a Co-Host, and
4. nor may it be reasonably inferred by advertisement (in any form) that any other agency, person, group, club, organization, association, or entity is a co-host of an event covered by IPMS insurance.
Example is a message from MJ to a club regarding the display of the AMPS logo on their contest flyer.
I have talked to our insurance agent and you may advertise the event with the wording “the assistance of”.  But the use of their logo suggests that the event is sponsored by AMPs.   
HOWEVER – you must understand that if something should happen and it would be the fault of the AMPS group, it is IPMS  that is liable and the only entity covered.  I therefore believe that to protect yourself and IPMS/USA it would be prudent to show appreciation to the AMPS group in another manner, as by using their logo you are implying that they are co-sponsoring the event.
This no doubt is as clear as mud – but it goes back to the original explanation of our insurance – a co-sponsored event must be by 2 chartered chapters – and your flyer gives the impression that it is also sponsored by AMPS.

Questions can be sent to the IPMS/USA Office Manager via
email mj@ipmsusa.org
faxed to 330-494-5456
or phoned to 330-478-3882 or 330-477-6622

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